Permanent Lip Augmentation

Real Doctors, Real Science, Real Results!

The Lip Plumping Shop is the breakthrough semi- permanent lip augmentation device created by our CEO Krissie Duncan after many months conducting research, discovery and testing.  Over subsequent years Krissie also developed Ultra Lip Desire – the worlds Most Powerful Lip Gloss.

The Lip Plumping Shop semi- permanent lip augmentation plumper has become the world’s leading selling lip enhancement device. With more than 2 million units sold worldwide, this semi- permanent lip augmentation device and lip gloss formula has been proven to work on women of all ages.

About Our Lip Enlargement Products

Our team at The Lip Plumping Shop has proven that a 100% Natural & Safe semi- permanent lip augmentation device can and does increase lips size. There is no need anymore for painful lip injections, or expensive surgery. Watch the video below showing EXTREME plumping results you can achieve.

Featured Testimonials

(Before) (After)

I just had to let you know I have the most full & soft  lips ever since using the lip device. Over the past few days at least three of my friends commented on them and queried whether or not I had injections! They are amazed at how big my lips are.

Thank you Lip Plumper
Rachael Mackenzie (Scotland)

You Have Everything To Gain!

  • Incredible gains in size – add 50% plumpness to your lips
  • Amazing increase in Luscious Lips appearance
  • Experience ULTRA PLUMP beautiful lips
  • Easy to Use – takes 2 minutes each day
  • Lip Plumping Device lasts up to 5 years – save thousands $$
  • 100% fast acting, 100% Natural, 100% Safe
  • No injections, chemicals or surgery
  • No prescription neccessary
  • The proven natural lip enhancement that works!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


How this Works?

The Lip Plumping Shop semi- permanent lip augmentation device draws your natural body fluid into your lips which causes them to expand. The cells are then filled with fluid which causes the lips to plump to their natural fullest luscious extent.

The Lip Plumping Shop is 100% natural with no known side effects. All plumping effects take only 2 minutes to use each day and are long lasting at 8 – 12 hours per application.

  • This product is EASY and SAFE to use - just put the mouthpiece on your lips & use the hand pump
  • The vacuum creates suction on your lips to gently make them bigger in only 2 – 3 minutes!
  • The Results will last up to 8 – 12 hours - perfect lips every day!
  • Avoid Painful & Expensive Lip Injections or Surgery!

Benefits of Bigger Lips

These days, we all know that bigger is better. This is not limited to cars, houses, or, you guessed it, lips size. In fact, whether we like it or not, the size of a woman’s lips makes a big difference to our appearance.  Most of the top ten Movie Stars in Hollywood are well known to have beautiful, luscious plump lips – in fact our lips are one of the most important aspects of our appearance.   The fact is that Luscious, plump lips are attractive and beautiful…

The Lip Plumping ShopTM guarantees beautiful kissable plump lips using the latest semi- permanent lip augmentation device!! Now you can have the most beautiful lips you always wanted naturally.  Our lip plumper products will make your lips more beautiful using the world’s most exciting new semi- permanent lip augmentation plumper.


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Our Semi Permanent Lip Augmentation products will make your lips more beautiful. This is simply the number 1 best-selling lip plumper used by celebrities, models and successful business people to enhance their looks naturally and get luscious celebrity lips.

Have You ever wanted Beautiful, Luscious Plump Lips?

With The Lip Plumping Shop – achieve all the gains in super luscious plump lips that you’ve always dreamed of, in an amazingly short time!  This is the number 1 best-selling lip plumper used by successful woman to enhance their looks naturally and get luscious semi- permanent lip augmentationresults.  The Lip Plumping Shop has proven its results with thousands of woman worldwide.